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How the hell am I going to fix my body clock next week???

What's more appealing to you: Exotic-unique names, or normal names? Exotic
Ever had a freaky school project? Not naman freaky but I filmed a prostitute once
Has something ever traumatized you? When my dog died
Did you get psychological assistance for the trauma? No... but I vowed never to get a pet again
Are you one of the people who can't stand 'American Idol'? Yes
Does TV deteriorate the mind? If it's local primetime, yes.
Do you know the reason that the sky is blue, or don't you? Yes. Something about colors penetrating the atmosphere and blue being a slight exception cos it scatters
Ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut? Yes
Is space scary to you because we are unaware of how wide or long it is? No. It's scary because of how little we are. A cosmic insignificance.
Which gender is more superior? EQUAL.
Be honest, are you more about looks or personality in a partner? Looks then personality.
Ever been told you were absolutely nuts? YES!
What is your favorite type of weather? Sun Shiny Day
Has love been good to you? All’s fair in love and war
Do you ever think that maybe one day pigs WILL fly? Yeah, why not?
Are you a book worm, or the opposite? Book worm
Does music make you more intelligent or decrease your knowledge? Depends on what kind
What is your honest opinion on abortion? Pro Choice
Do you know what UV rays stand for? Ultra Violet
Is Perez Hilton really the 'Queen of Media'? Haha! He says so
Do you know what causes a headache? Swelling Hypothalamus Gland
Can people's brains actually hurt from thinking TOO hard? Yes, but it's not the brain exactly
Do you like Coldplay? Yes
Be honest, do you still, every once in a while, watch Spongebob? Yes, while having breakfast and lazing around
Love of being sick or Sick of being loved? Sick of being loved
Do you think that this generation of youth is spoiled and ungrateful? Spoiled rotten.
Do you think that this generation of youth has terrible taste in music? Hahahaha! I Whip my Hair Back and Forth!
Ever been complimented on your intelligence? Sometimes
Are you an expert at finding grammatical errors in web documents? Yes, but I don’t care.
What's your greatest fear? Drowning in a body of water swarming with koi fish
Ever thought that rap stood for 'Retards Attempting Poetry'? Poetry’s not all about rhyming but what you felt when you read the words. 
What is one thing you wish you had? Attention span of a mature adult
When was your last date? Last week, dec20
Do you have a photographic memory? HELL NO. I have selective amnesia!
Will the polar bears go extinct before you die? I hope not :(
Met your true love yet? Love is always true
What is the best flavor in the world? Green tea
Have you realized that we are in A.D. time? Of course.
Are you a compassionate person? I’m hot and cold
Your opinion on French Fries: Oil sucker
What would your reaction be if a meteor was falling into Earth? There are gasses surrounding the earth responsible for melting/breaking it into pieces before it falls into the ground so no worries.
Do you have road rage? If you drive in Manila, it’s impossible not to have one
Do you know a homosexual who can't find love? No. My gay friends have more boyfriends than me!
Did you know our blood cells are actually blue-ish but turn red in oxygen? I read about that before. Thanks for reminding me.
Who is your best friend? Karen
How many hours of sleep did you get, last time you slept? 12 hours
Is facial hair on men revolting? Most of the time, but some guys know how to work it ;)
Which type of food is best Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, or Mexican? Japanese! I can cook a perfect gyoza at home and I’m making Philadelphia roll this new year
Have you ever been in love? Yes
In love with someone who you can clearly never have as your own? No… I had him.
What was your childhood comfort item? Really dirty orange blanket
What's your favorite way of transportation? Bike
Name 3 things you would take with you on a deserted island: Mosquito Repellent, Books, Cigs to last until rescue
If there was 27 seconds left before the sun exploded, what would you do? I think I’d be too stunned to do anything
Would you want to be in love right now? Love's not something you decide on
Name one reason why you're bored: ” If you don't work, you don't sleep. Day and night, you're half awake, bored” – Chuck Palahniuk
Are you glad? Yeah I’m good.
Last question... Are you REALLY going to post this somewhere? Why not. 

PS. I apologize for my display of vanity and schizophrenia. ktnxbye