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It's a New Year, no doubt.

I’m not keen on making a big fuss over occasions. I prefer ordinary days with something extra than full blown holidays when everyone’s all cheery and fat. I don’t hate Christmas, I just don’t like it when everyone’s so busy and rushing from one thing to another--wrapping up deadlines at work, shopping for gifts and groceries, attending parties… Well the last one ain’t bad but when traffic’s super horrible and I can feel the hectic craze of the season, I'd like to close my eyes, take a deep breath and imagine all the negative energy caused by the holiday stress coming out of my body, vanishing into thin air like smoke.

This Christmas had been different though. I thought I’d be lonely but I found myself saying, “Hey, this isn’t so bad after all”. When you surround yourself with people and accept all forms of love to fill the newly deserted spaces in your heart, you can be whole again.

2010 was a major turning point. I made a lot of decisions that can alter the rest of my tomorrows. I found a job I’m passionate about, I made my way back to God and I lost love… yeah, cheesy love. There comes a time when you have to risk cutting yourself just so you can feel alive. 

It’s all good. When something’s out of your control, you can always change how you look at it.

Everything that transpired and yet to come is a blessing.