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house arrest

Do you know that viral infections have no cure? Be it influenza, conjunctivitis… I’m thinking about it now cos I’m sick, and I hate every second of it. Hello early vacation!

Doc said you can’t treat a virus, you just have to let it run its course (referring to mild infections ok, Cancer and HIV are different stories). Prescriptions are given to relieve symptoms but that doesn’t mean you’re getting better. It’s kind of similar to being in denial.

I like that thought, “… let it run its course…” life’s like that sometimes.

Not everything requires the right action, or good decision. There are circumstances when no matter what you do, you’re bound to screw up. So you have to let it be. Endure everything that comes with it. Suck it up until it’s over.

If people can accept that, wouldn’t it make their lives easier? Admitting that something is totally out of your control, that the only choice available out there is to surrender and get a grip of every emotion—pain, fright, embarrassment, whatever… let it consume each strand of your being until it heals by itself.

During exams, my favorite rule is “no erasures”. It saves me time from doubting my choices and first instincts. I don’t need to recheck my answers cos it would be pointless.

When you know there’s nothing else that can be done, you learn to deal with it. 
Acknowledge the experience, recover.

I was talking about my health of cours...