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drunk blogging

Milan Kundera sounds like a girl but he's a boy
a czeck writer? forgot
he said compassionate love is not real love but more of like pity
and that flirting is promising sex but no guarantee
i like his book, unberable lightness of being
i want to read laughable loves and laughing and forgetting? something  like that

my male friend said i'm dominating
maybe i am
if its dominating to voice out your opinion and point out what's wrong 
then fine im dominating
if boys  don;t like that what a pussy
who started patriarchial society? adam?
freud is bullshit don't think theres such a thing as penis envy
you have to look into context
frued was during the sexual revilution, so he was all about sex sex

come to think of it,
when reading a book
you have to know where the writer is coming from
to have a btter idea of what he wrote about
cos its true, your environment shapes your thought

i miss david
i'm not used to driving when i had one few bottles
and i want pistachio ice cream now

i miss my old car
3 am is witches' hour

life goes on
when you want to ignore the world
turn it loud

EDIT: As much as I wanted to correct all my grammatical (and spelling) errors, I want to keep this post's authenticity. Tsk tsk... I'm weird. Who thinks of dead writers, rants about sexist stereotypes, when they're drunk? Turn it loud is wrong, should be turn it UP