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Ode to my twenty year old lancer

I cannot emphasize how you’ve served me good. For your age, you’re amazingly dependable. You never left me hanging at inconvenient times, say coastal road at 2am. Though your inability to blow cool air is often one of our major rifts, let me tell you that I wanted the windows down anyway. I can smoke and my reflexes are higher. On intersections, gentlemen who see that I’m a lesser kind of driver because I’m biologically female, opt the courtesy of "ladies first". Assholes on the other hand, intentionally cut me off just to exhibit alpha maleness, feed their dying egos.

Do you remember when during a school project, we went to kamuning and it’s my first time to drive alone in EDSA? Then I wrecked the lower part of your bumper when I hit a gutter on my attempt to make a u-turn in a semi – eskinita.

What about during a drunken girls night, I got lost at Fort and your wheel got stuck on a man hole? My friend theng offered to make tulak while I reverse, it took three attempts before I got you out. Unfortunately, my friend replaced you inside the manhole when she fell.

You’re the perfect partner in crime when it’s late at night and I have to pick up my guy friends for a spontaneous inuman. They don’t mind your rugged appeal.

I drove you to Tagaytay countless of times, especially when I’m bored and I only have enough money for gas and one frappe.

I learned how to drive well because of your quirks… manual, pawis steering, moody headlights and all. Still, no car can ever make me feel the same when I hold your steering wheel. You lack tachometer so I have to listen to your heartbeat (engine) when shifting gears. It's two become one.

When pop's talking with a buyer, I can’t watch. It’s too painful. I secretly wish no one will buy you until I’m emotionally ready to let go.

I’m too sappy I know, and you’re probably thinking, “Dude! I’m just an old car, get over it. Don’t forget to replace my left shock” but I want you to know that, we had good times and bad times (i.e. aircon broke down in bacoor traffic at noon, summer time) but my heart will always be yours. I know you love me too cos you always start when it’s me turning the keys. Friends joked I have electricity on my fingertips.

I will miss you.