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Dirty Beat

Below light beams slicing smoke
and sweat and beat

Lips move on muted talk
                         of minaj
singing boom badoomboom bass
(he’s got that superbass)

you stand across the world
is in chaos but your hair
damn your hair
                              -is perfect

you take a swig
blow smoke
I walk towards, touch

Tonight, I’m in love with
You tonight
Yet eyes don’t meet
Give me everything tonight
Lest you be a mystery

In a sea of strangers so
Dancing, mouthing in
Drunk harmony
        “you’re my wonder-

The crisp of your shirt
                    Your body
Half inch from mine as
You tower over
Feigned nonchalance

At the bar, how long
Should we linger—

EDIT: This poem is sintunado. PM, can you help? :P