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tsug tsug

Playing with Adobe Lightroom. I know it looks too "cooked",
I don't know what I'm doing. 
Mmm... I think I'm going to call this photo,
"Destructive Science: The Shameful Art of Getting Wasted".
And because I'm feeling exceptionally artsy and idle,
I'm writing a poem to go with it.

Music, music, marry me tonight
You're the only reason I'm still alright
Break my eardrums until sunlight
Ooh wait, I need another vodka sprite
People dancin' some flirtin' its so tight

Party shoes killin' me like hell
Three inches higher I almost fell
All the other girls wanna be bombshells
Its sucks when they start to smell
Nicotine sticks inhale exhale

Still, it's a fun soiree
Especially when its Katy Perrey (ok, I cheated on this rhyme) 
Cutting midsong is a dismay
But hey, I'm no deejay so I stay
I'm dazed so I'll sway anyway

Starcbucks? Mcdonalds? Can you walk?
Try not to throw up on the sidewalk
It's four o'clock still in a frock
Tsk2 how classy gagging cognac
Less drunkards start to balk

When you had too much, it doesn't matter 
What sucks is the morning after
Migraine, amnesia, missing lighter
Stubborn makeup, lung cancer
Drink water, take a breather
Made too many bloopers, what a loser
Good thing I can't remember

O diba.