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Get out of my head

1. Unless you throw up, partying can make you bloated and fat.

2. Tattoo hurts after, not during.

3. Pushing yourself to the extreme all the time can get boring too. To enjoy the ride you sometimes need to step on the clutch, remove foot on gas pedal, and shift to lower gear.

4. A job that you like on weekdays and friends that you love on weekends make life easier.

5. Planting trees is equivalent to 'loose change'. It's the building blocks of restoration but the 'stock market' on conservation lies on global policies and protocol decided primarily by developed countries.

6. How do you quantify air?

7. Good guys are hard to find. And I found one.

8. ....but being good is not enough. Nothing is ever enough.

9. I'm not a big fan of Christmas. Too much preparation, hoopla, commercialism, traffic. Then one day it's over. Don't get me wrong, I'm Catholic, but I don't like the idea of reserving things and making plans just because it's Christmas. I mean, if you want to see all your friends, retreat to a beautiful island, buy something special for a loved one, treat yourself, forgive mistakes, share your blessings, WHY NOT NOW? Why wait for an occasion? Why do you let the season decide on your actions and emotions? Why not just give a sincere prayer and greet Jesus a Happy Birthday?

10.  "Fall in love" by Estelle ft John Legend is happy song.
Be on the stars and the moon and the sky, lets fall in love ♪

11. I have more things to write but I have short attention span so there.