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It takes a lot of guts to write a blog, noh?
It’s like cracking your skull and asking everyone to scrutinize its contents, stripping your thoughts stark naked and raw and unsolicited for the whole intarwebs.

It’s also very narcissistic. You can’t have a blog and not talk abut yourself, your interests, what you’ve been doing, or anything that you feel important to share. You have the stage all to yourself anyway, and no one can make you shut up, unless they stopped reading.

It’s a dead giveaway on the personality too. What people write about, and how they write it, reveals more than what is usually required. If I’m (singular personal pronoun alert! See, you can’t blog without being slightly egomaniac) going to evaluate my character based on what I’ve written here on an outsider's point of view, well… that would be difficult since a person’s sense of judgment is molded by personal experiences, culture, desires and lots of other factors only a psycho-sociologist can pin down so I can’t pretend to be someone else and give significant observation because that’s like creating a whole new world to come from. Did I just change my mind in one sentence? Oh, then there’s no need to imagine an alternate persona, I can pretty much tell that I’m unstable on my own.

Last that I can think of, having your thoughts suspended in cyberspace is like creating your own time capsule. Fragments of your being, shreds of experiences, and feelings trapped in words, are frozen in time, located somewhere in an endless stream of networks, or whatever it is that make up the illusion of an online information bank.