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"None but ourselves can free our minds"

start of summer
It’s been a month. That girl who writes at home, sits on the floor, converts the living room to her workstation, drafts paragraphs for persons whose identity is reduced to usernames and time zones, spends her money on excessive beach trips, going out for drinks, bikinis, banana boats, green tea flavored gins, meeting friends, coffee catch-ups… knowing she doesn’t have a regular job, lives life along the lines of bumming and freelancing, had made its way to my hippocampus before settling to a nostalgic memory of coconut scented sunblock, all nighters, breakfasts in the afternoon, tan lines and the feeling of quiet liberation from everything that tied her down before—immobility, confinement, creative exhaustion.

Chinese proverb: Empty your cup
Chuck Palahniuk: It's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything
Paolo Coelho: Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free

I paused my life for a while, took a breather, reconnected with the people that matters to me the most, family, friends… Him. Stopped worrying and planning my life like it’s as simple as mapping out the way from Cavite to Dapitan, because it doesn’t really work like that way. I realized that I did learn something from my first year of employment. It’s how a drastic act of resigning on impulse can change your whole view of the future.

People put off on doing too many things, then wondering why they wasted so much time thinking about it when their hearts’ will persist at the end.

The serenity of seashores will forever remind of me that season when I chose to retreat from my own expectations and just let myself be.



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