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revised e-poem

Notes on Txt Msgs

Okayif I include a smiley, it’s too obvious.
If I follow OK with a period, might as well use K: same effect.
you hit a nerve
but I still have decency to text.
How’s your day? Conversation starter,
might be genuine concern, notoriously curious, or lacking imagination.
A random, I bought a llama this weekend, elicits a response
I have yet to find.
Where are you? I’m right where you want me to be. Check the time,
If past midnight, have some dignity. If it’s day, you must be running late.
Did you get my text? The sender wants to be rejected
appropriately. Still up? translates to are you bored like me?
Let’s hang out needs a whole chapter for meaning—usually done with a friend,
can be one in a million things, i.e. go drinking, read poetry, discuss anatomy,
unlock conspiracies, hold hands, make-out,
have mind-blowing sex—after all, you’re only friends.
LOL should be LOLR, Lack of Livelier Reply. I see… profundity.
Maybe tomorrow? I don’t want to seem eager but I’m secretly
counting the minutes until we meet. What are you doing?
I’m not doing anything that’s why I’m asking.
If you get [no reply], possible reasons: network lag, empty battery,
still on pre-paid, riding a plane, amnesia, sleeping, but most probably—snubbing.
[ prolonged absence of texts] non-sender needs space, offer the galaxy.
 ?!@#$%^&* as good as fuck, or shit, if you like.
[blank message] honest mistake or wait for succeeding drunk messages.
I’m here, you’re late. See you later
is indefinite.
Later can take forever.
:( use sparingly :)