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To Don Juan
Angela Manalang-Gloria

It was not love-why should I love you?-
It was not folly, for I was wise,
Yet when you looked at me, your looking
Opened a kingdom to my eyes,

It was not love, it was not folly,
I have no name to know it by,
I only know one shining instant
You held my earth, you held my sky.


that's nice noh? 'you held my earth, you held my sky...' i wish i can write something like that. reminds me of my classmate's essay on his poetics, he said, 'imagine language as a sky' because of its fluidity i guess, or bec you can make anything out of it. my prof said i need precision on language. imagine language as a bark of a tree then, axed and cut and sharpened to a perfect stake to pierce the heart, or atleast make it come alive.