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 “The problem with your generation is thinking in fragments.”
        Ms. Christina Hidalgo, while butchering the piece I submitted for her class

I read a story on yahoo about this guy who cut ties with all forms of communication technology—social media, emails, and cellphone.

I have been living without facebook and twitter for quite some time now. I have to say, it is liberating. Think of all the time you got in your hands. The amount of mental space you can save. The quiet, almost zen-like feeling of not knowing what everyone is up to. 

Ask yourself, do you actually care that someone from your vast network, broke a nail and ten people liked it? 

Facebook can be useful in times of disaster when people are called to mobilize and send help but 95% of the time, it’s nothing but a portal of virtual nuisances. 

It’s about time we relive the simplicity of face-to-face conversations and small laughter. Hang out without needing to inform everybody. 

What makes us think that everybody gives a damn anyway?

Also, if a friend needs to tell you something very important, he or she will find you no matter what.