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belated hearts day

The following is my attempt on writing erotica.

smoke clouds
your teasing  eyes as

Forgettable beats fill
The background of a kiss

Sending a current
Down under

I cannot wait any further

How long do I need to listen
to your strumming the guitar
while I count the lines on your lips
and wanting to eat them alive

See for myself
What I've been imagining all night

Your body--heavy and unfamiliar
Sunk me on the matress as I
Slipped my hand inside your shorts

Our tongues danced in unison
Building up desire to

Straddle you
With all sobriety I had left

For nothing feels as close to
Having you inside as your hands wander
at every inch of my bare skin
With only a sheer cloth replacing
The strangeness in between

Each forceful wave

was yours alone
and we are caught 

in a moment of
surrender, half madness,
Heavy breathing
and heat coming out of our pores

I was about to come
But I did not.