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Sosy Kids

Yesterday, I gave a talk about biodiversity to preschoolers. The sound clips on my presentation wouldn’t cooperate, I had to make the bird sounds my self. “Okay…. *hidden panic* Since it’s not working, I will imitate the call of Philippine Coucal… its goes like this, chic-gok-gok chic-gok-gok” Did the same with three other birds.

A five year old girl knocked on where I was staying during lunch and asked,
“Is it true that there’s a bird with a black face, yellow feathers…. and white… (she motioned something from her throat)”
“Yes, it’s possible because birds are colorful and we've a lot of different species—“
“What’s the name?”
“Oh um….”

While on the stage, a chubby boy came up to me with a straight face,
I smiled at him, “Yes? Do you have a question for me?”
“Tweet tweet tweet”
Then he left.
Oh no… maybe he thought I really speak bird language?

“My cousin has a pet bird at home and it’s biting….”
“Oh…when you get home, open the cage and let it fly….”
Little curly haired tisay agreed in a tiny voice, “Okay.”

I'm too sabaw to blog. 
Pabili ng oras.