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In some random Makati Street, in front of an underground-indie type art house turned bar, I was drinking a bottle of beer while sitting on the sidewalk with my friend. The place smells funny, and I would randomly slap my leg for mosquitoes. It’s almost 2am and we’re still waiting for a local jazz rock band to play. We’re talking about random things, I don’t even remember all of it, he was being possessive about punk rock (haha!) and muttering some hate for posers who go to weird places just to be different. I was ranting about over-sharing in facebook and how users post statuses assuming their whole network cares. We agreed it’s feeding vanity and being egotistic, shoving to people’s faces that you have a life when during the very second that you’re supposed to be living whatever it is your doing, half of you is stranded in a virtual reality.

I read a quote before but I don’t remember it exactly, it says, for our activities to be significant, we need an audience. Why stage all the dramz when no one’s watching right?

Another thing, why do some people want the whole world to know what they’re doing? Aside from being dangerous (if you’re pretty enough to attract stalkers), doesn’t it feel a bit naked? Well I do.

The “like” button also rubs me the wrong way, when you make a post, why does facebook automatically consider that you need approval? Every move is subjected for comments and public opinion, like putting yourself out there to get feedback, positive or indifferent.

So why am I still facebook when I’m obviously not a big fan? Because my friends are on it! I deleted my account before and lived normally until I realized I was always late in kwento. I heard too many “Hindi ka kasi nagfafacebook!”, like signing up on a social networking site is crucial for any friendship to survive.

Anyway, Facebook really has become a digital version of how we socialize with people. It’s not all positive though, because the way I see it, what it captured most is the social stigma of acceptance and conformity. Like a popularity contest. How many people bothered to lift their finger so they can affirm their approval on your post? Who cared about your lunch? How many pseudo friends do you have?

This is not a hate post. I’m pretty old school when it comes to some things. I believe there are things better kept to our selves.

Plus, aren’t girls more attractive when they’re mysterious? Why strip all the magic by baring your whole life out there?  Ayun lang.

Er, isn't this a useless over sharing too? Whatevs.