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Delirium moment

want to have dinner but too tamad to move

“no regrets... just love..”

Anybody can stop being anything anytime

Why do people want to go to boracay before transitioning to a new phase in lyf?

15 mins ago i’m so excited about my talk for tomorrow. now im too tamad to revise the poweroint

‘Excuse me while i kiss the sky’ i thought it was a beautiful line until i found it’s about getting high pla

A: What made you fall in love with me?
D: You’re smart. and weird.
A: and?
D: You’re unpredictable.

How do you explain the link between deforestation and climate change to gradeschoolers? I need them to understand greenhouse effect and water cycle. the latter is easy. What about carbon footprint?

Cheap pizza tastes good when you only had two waffles the whole day

P.s. sometimes i dont like using punctuations readers should know when to breate