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YAY! Made me my day! :D

While talking about recycling minerals to decrease the need for mining, an 8 year old kid asked:

"What about chrome? Chrome cannot be recycled." First thought, chrome? what chrome? google chrome?
I answered, "Anything can be recycled because matter cannot be destroyed, it can only transform"
"Chrome cannot be recycled."
"Well... since matter cannot be destroyed... (I don't really remember the rest of my answer, I'm getting nervous, I'm supposed to be a speaker sharing expertise! Wah.)
"Not chrome! I saw it on national geographic!" 
Teacher intervened to save my face. 

It was fun though, I just didn't expect to meet Jimmy Neutron. 
I love doing trainings with kids! When they pull a chair for you, introduce you, ask questions, I go "awww....". Plus I love how they almost always answer in sing songy chorus,

"If a stranger comes to your house, puts you in a cage and take you to zoo for other kids to watch, how will you feel?"
In Chorus: "Baaadddddd....."
"It's the same with animals!"

HAHA. :p