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sometimes you have to think hard before answering

Trick Questions from Everyone:

Lola: Aira, nasaan yung lighter mo?
Translation: I know you're smoking. Surrender your lighter to confirm.

David: What time did you sleep?
Translation: Why are'nt you replying to my texts last night?

Mama: Hindi ka kakain?
Translation: Are you starving yourself again? Your face looks sallow, you look better with pudgy cheeks, eat two cups of rice, call your brother and sister, lets start eating, why are you dressed up? Are you going somewhere?

Niki: San ka pupunta?
Translation: Sama ko? *puppy dog eyes*

Maye: Ate Ai, nasaan yung USB/laptop/make up/book/slippers/cellphone/anyothertangibleobject?
Translation: Can I borrow your USB/laptop/make up/book/slippers/cellphone/anyothertangibleobject?

Random Friends: How's David?
Translation: Are you guys still together? 
Translation of Translation: can be a) I know you're still together, of course! b) Your names will forever be conjoined, I can't talk to you without thinking about him.