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I know I've said that this is the best summer of my life-- I met new friends in a new community, I went to the beach with my bestfriends (twice!) and I burned all my life savings to a five day vacation in an overdeveloped island with David (hey, live for today!). But, here's the but, hear the thunders and stare at the gray sky.... summer's over.

I told myself that I'm going to take a career break and figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. What is one thing that I would do even if I wouldn't get paid for it? (Ooh... tough question, I need the money) Lemme rephrase that, What is one thing that I would do and wouldn't mind getting paid for it? Read again, there's a difference. Long story short, and for this blog's gist and purpose, I'm getting bored with my bumshell life. There, I said it!

i feel like a dead jelly fish....

cause of death: sudden low tide

you're lifeless, you can't move, there's nowhere to go but you're happy. (lame anthropomorphism? haha) Because you might me be stuck, but you're stranded in a familiar place with everything that ever matters to you. Just like the jellyfish and the cold white sand.

To console myself of unemployment, I remember the trying moments when I have to rack my brain and depress myself to death when I have to think of taglines for our pharmaceutical clients. I have to differentiate ARB from CCB blocker, learn what causes macular edema, and think of various "powerful" & "effective" concepts for these several pain killers with different brand names.

Ow gawd, I'd choose jellyfish all the time. and seeweeds algae too.

not dead, just nagkalat