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i'm not limited to writing sappy love poems bordering erotica.
i also write--more socially relevant stuff, like this,

...there should be a paradigm shift on how we view development. National development is uplifting the lives of poor Filipinos, and ensuring a safe, healthy and secure environment for us to live. Development must be viewed from ground experiences and hold values such as respect to traditional governance of indigenous tribes, and active participation of local communities directly affected by mining." 

....reiterates its call for the repeal of the Mining Act of 1995 and the passage of the Alternative Minerals Management Bill, cancellation of all burdensome mining contracts after appropriate review and inventory, and moratorium on all approval of new mining permits.

....also urges the government to promulgate policies that promote people-centered development, instead of yielding to the pressures of mining corporations. 

i'm that borderline. and i mean every word.