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How I spent my 24th Birthday (the actual day)

12MN Tipsy. With Girls. Distillery.
12.30 Billed out. A guy asked, “if I buy you a drink, will you stay?” Maybe if he offered a bottle. “No. It’s my birthday.”
01.00 7th high. Young crowd. Blinding lights. Deaf with sound.
01.50 Drunk as Drunk (on turpentine…)
02.00 Anterogade Amnesia.
03.00 Gave up walking (stumbling?) in heels. Lost in some fancy hallway. Fuck I lost my phone. Met a Spanish US Marine. “Can you find my phone?” Still inebriated. He was sober. He did.
03.30 Sat on the sidewalk in some random Makati street. Chain smoked. Had cheap coffee. “Thank you, what’s your name?”
06.00 The sky is pink before it turns orange in the morning.
08.00 Hungry over. Carbs. Thank you girls! :)
13.00 Woke up. Sore. Saw five roses on my desk. Aww. It’s from my sister.
14.00 Made a list. Read handouts. Sent clothes to laundry. Grocery. Went to see my favorite company—books.
15.00 Still scouring the Filipiniana Section.
16:00 Bargain Paperbacks. Found a gem: Third Rail: The Poetry of Rock and Roll. Thought of someone who might like this one.
17.00 Tried to revise the drunken phrases I composed last night. Amongst the dancing drunks, I held my BB and typed: That which makes the stomach turn/lifts the somber of graying after….
18.00 Nude booties or gray flats?
19.00 GB3. Blew a candle. On a cupcake. I couldn’t think of a wish.
20.00 Mojito. Just a glass. I vowed to remember everything tonight.
21.00 My bestfriend is love.
22.00 Chai tea. Chain smoked. Chismackaroo.
12.00 I had all the love I could possibly get, I guess.
07.00 Gave my birthday cupcakes to faces I see everyday. Cab Driver. 7/11 Cashier. Old woman in the laundry shop. Dalawang ate sa tindahan sa kanto. Nagtitinda ng Penoy.
08.00 Slept the whole Sunday. Dreamt.